Stuck in a rut? Get ‘job happy’ again

66% of employees are dissatisfied at work according to recent study

A recent survey reveals that 66% of employees are dissatisfied at work. (source: Home Learning College, 2012)

At a time of high unemployment, uninspiring job growth and major uncertainty in world financial markets, many employees feel stuck in their working environments, unable to consider a career move even if they’re unhappy.

The survey revealed that only 1/3  of adults in employment are happy in their current position and around 1/4 would like to be less bored at work.     

So if you are one of these unhappy, demotivated employees what can you do?

Training could be the answer. …

Training can provide many benefits and give individuals a renowned sense of interest and excitement in their jobs as they learn new skills and further their own learning on work-related topics.  For employers, training could help increase staff morale, encourage work productivity and give the business a competitive edge by staying current and informed about the latest in business trends.

Research suggests  staff who embark on training benefit from:

  • enhanced efficiency,  
  • more effective communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills,  
  • decreased time and effort spent solving people problems.
  • higher energy levels
  • and the increased ability to cope with, adapt to, and learn from a rapidly changing environment

The other benefit of training is that it will keep you motivated. New skills and knowledge can help you to reduce boredom. If your employer is willing to spend on your training it also demonstrates that they think you and your development are valuable and worth investing in.

Erica Garner, Head of Learning, Employment & Training Services at Shropshire Council explains that it’s a wise move for individuals to further their learning and development, to give themselves a competitive edge and enhance their job satisfaction & career fulfilment. “For those who want to get on in their profession, training is key. If you want to get out of that job rut, taking control of your development is vital and there has never been a better time. Training is high on the government’s agenda which means there is a variety of funding available to support individuals who want to upskill.”

See courses at County Training for information on available courses within Shropshire or call County Training  0345 678 9023 to find out about funding available to support your work based training.


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