Top 10 Tips on finding an Apprenticeship placement!


Tips on effective Apprenticeship searches

Searching for the right apprenticeship can be difficult, especially with so much competition. County Training are here to help. So here are some tips to help in getting the most out of your searches and important things to remember during each step of your Apprenticeship application process!

10 A’s to remember when Apprenticeship hunting…

1. ACCURATE searches into the course you’re looking for will give you better results. So research the area and the level of qualification you’re looking to do and explore the places that offer such courses.

2. ASK careers advisors, employers, those involved in the Apprenticeship scheme about the type of apprenticeship you’re looking for and what’s available. Top tip: Some employers may be unaware of the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE 16-24) so fill them in as they may be willing to take you on as an apprentice! (For all you need to get in the know click here)

3. AIM to get all the facts! Before starting an Apprenticeship, visit your local training provider or your college’s careers advice service to know about the types of apprenticeships available and what an apprenticeship is all about! Get App savvy here!

4. ALWAYS present yourself as a professional! When meeting with employers remember that interviewing for an apprenticeship will be the same as going to a job interview so present yourself in a way that showcases the best you have to offer their organisation.

5. ALLOW yourself to be open to different subjects/fields. If you can’t find an apprenticeship you’re looking for, try opening up your choices as not only will you gain additional skills and experience to put on your CV, you may find yourself enjoying something you had not considered before!

6. ADDRESS any problems in either your search, CV, application form or interview technique! Ask  your training provider for feedback – they should  be able to provide guidance and advice on improvements you can make to ensure better  success with your next application. You can view and download examples of effective CVs here  – CV Template 1 & CV Template 2

7. ARRANGE your answers beforehand!  To make a good impression both on an application form and at an interview consider carefully beforehand about the answers you want to give. Remember this is all the employer has to go on and first impressions count! So make yourself stand out and demonstrate why you are the best person for the job.

8. ACCEPT that many placements you apply for may not necessarily result in success and that the employer may not provide any feedback or response. Don’t be discouraged or give up! Use this as a way of finding out why your application wasn’t successful and improve it for next time.

9. APPLY your ideas! Being an apprentice gives you the opportunity not just to learn yourself but to show the company/organisation your own creativity and fresh thinking. Giving your input and your ideas on certain areas will allow the employer to see your level of commitment to the company.

10. ADD to your CV! An apprenticeship doesn’t necessarily mean that an employer is willing to take you on with limited skills or experience so do try to build up experience when you can whether it’s volunteering work, part-time or freelance work, it will all help to enrich your learning of the workplace (visit here for details on volunteering in Shropshire).


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