Apprenticeships: Assumptions vs Reality

Here are some common assumptions that are made about Apprenticeships. It’s time to put these assumptions to the test and see whether they are accurate or not!

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Assumption 1: Studying further education and going to University is the only route to successfully land work.

Reality: It isn’t the only route! Many assume that qualifications of a University level are the only qualifications that can guarantee employment. In fact it’s worth noting that a high amount of relevant work experience and specific skillsets may be preferred by many organisations over graduates with no work experience. Plus apprentices can ‘earn and learn’ which can prove beneficial to an organisation looking to train the apprentice in specific areas of the sector they are in.

Assumption 2: An Apprenticeship isn’t on par with going to University and getting a degree.

Reality: Not true! There can be a tendency to put University above work- based learning options but they both in fact just offer different routes into work. No one route is necessarily better! It just comes down to the organisation. Some businesses may require the individual to have a degree or specific qualifications whilst some may not. In the case of an Apprenticeship though, an individual can gain the required qualifications and skills whilst on the job and earning which isn’t possible for a University student.

Assumption 3: An Apprenticeship is more for those wanting to start work earlier rather than study further.

Reality: Yes and no.Yes in that those who wish to start work sooner will be looking at apprenticeships. No because it isn’t just for those who wish to enter into the working environment. In an Apprenticeship there is still a lot of learning that can be done on the job. It’s just that the things you learn you can put into practice straight away!

Assumption 4: Those that aren’t ready for work should just study on at University as it will give them the knowledge they need on their desired career and time to prepare for it.

Reality: Not necessarily.Whilst they may gain relevant knowledge, after University it could prove difficult for those with no relevant work experience to make their way into their chosen field. Apprenticeships allow those that may not feel ready for work the time to ‘settle in’ rather than get thrown into the deep end. It’s important to note that the employer will be training you and you will be given the time to develop your skills. You could essentially gain 3 years worth of vital skills needed to build your career and earn wages in the space of a 3 year degree, where you might receive the required knowledge but gain no practical experience of work and be lumbered with a large amount of debt from the offset.

Assumption 5: There aren’t that many different types of Apprenticeships available.

Reality: Not the case! In fact there are 250 different types of apprenticeships available in a wide range of industry sectors with employers from large national companies to smaller local companies. County Training offers a range of different apprenticeships ranging from Hairdressing to I.T. and Hospitality & Catering to Business Admin & Management, to name a few! So if you just do your research you’ll be sure to find the apprenticeship you’re looking for!

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