Bored at work? It’s high time for a challenge!

‘At least a third of British workers claim to be bored at work for most of the day.’

(Sandi Mann, The University of Central Lancashire, 2007.)

Bored at work? It's high time for a challenge!

One of the reasons this boredom is felt by a third of British employees could be due to a lack of challenge, drive, focus and motivation at work.

As an employee do you feel like there is no real challenge in the work you do? Has what you’re doing started to become monotonous and no longer a thrill? Do you feel a lack of pride and sense of achievement in your work? Want to save yourself from falling into the endless black hole of boredom?

Well the solution could be quite simple! Why not learn a new skill for the New Year? Developing further skills will allow you to broaden your capabilities and add to your knowledge of your industry. Clare Whitmell, a qualified business communication trainer says:  “Keep your skills updated. Mastering a new one will make you more marketable and open up opportunities in different sectors. Add a specialist skill or one that complements your existing skillset.” – ‘Surviving the new normal: adapting to the 2012 job market’, The Guardian, 2012

You can get funding for it too! There is the opportunity to gain fully funded Level 2 and 3 training in areas such as: Enterprise, Customer Services, Team Leading, Business Administration, Employment-Related Services and many more. For further information on the areas covered, visit here

County Training offers short courses which provide individuals the opportunity to learn additional skills. These include courses in: Management Training, Food Hygiene, IT, English and Maths and TAQA (Training Assessment Quality Assurance), more information available here

So what are you waiting for? Talk to your employer and see if they will support you. Research conducted by the University of Warwick Institute for Employment Research (IER) shows that benefits of staff training and development include, ‘retention within the company, understanding of company values and [career] progression.’

So not only will you benefit from learning new skills so will the business.  It can lead to increased productivity and customer satisfaction, better time management and provide a boost to employee morale which keeps the business competitive and up to date with the latest goings-on in your target market.

Undertaking courses and gaining qualifications looks great on your CV too. So not only will your new skills help to decrease stress, improve your own morale and business efficiency, they may also help with your career progression. These skills will be transferable and life-long, just think them as being saved into your ‘skills bank’ and the more you can gain, the better and more efficient you can be in your work, thus allowing you take on more challenges and have the knowledge and ability to succeed.

So you’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain! New skills will benefit you in the long term and may open up opportunities to advancing in your own career and getting up the career ladder. So don’t just think about the benefits short-term, think of the future too and how you can develop worthwhile skills for your future.

For more information on the training and qualifications offered by County Training, visit the website or call 0845 678 9000 or email

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